Camp logistics well played by City's Event Coordinator

For key city staff, preparing to host approximately 150 athletes and BC Lions staff for several weeks takes months of behind the scenes planning and coordination. 

Dewi Evans is the Community Event Coordinator for the City of Kamloops and oversees the city's part in the BC Lions training camp operation at the Tournament Capital Centre (TCC). 

Four pages of tasks lay out all of the preparations that began in March. From clearing equipment out of meeting rooms, preparing the team's dressing rooms, moving the bikes out of the spin studio to make room for massive ice baths, organizing facility signage, arranging parking clearance for the team's 18 ft. long equipment truck, working with Parks Operations staff to line the secondary field, renting scissor lifts to house cameras that record the training, to coding key fobs for all of the athletes, Evans and the recreational staff make it happen. 

Evans says the entire process is a pretty well-oiled machine as Kamloops has hosted the team for nine consecutive years now. And the most exciting thing? According to Evans, that's seeing how everything comes together at FanFest, where fans of all ages are invited to show their "Lions Pride" at Hillside Stadium on Saturday, May 26 from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm (that event alone requires its own coordination including inflatables, food, photobooths and face paint). 

"Most of the time I'm in my cubicle doing my work. Seeing the FanFest come together is a reward for me," says Evans.