2017 Budget Meetings

Each year, the City of Kamloops hosts public meetings regarding the City's budget to give citizens an overview and hear their comments and suggestions. By sharing your priorities and participating in the City's budget process, you can help create a strong future for Kamloops.

The City wants to hear your ideas to plan for the future. Residents are invited to a round table discussion with City staff and Councillors on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, in the Parkside Lounge in Sandman Centre to provide feedback and ideas to be considered in the supplemental budget and the Five-year Financial Plan.

The planning process is iterative, and may take multiple years to implement. The City wants to hear your ideas now so that staff can investigate to determine if they can feasibly be incorporated into the Five-year Financial Plan. The supplemental budget list will be built from this meeting.

Input will be compiled and presented to Council, which will then prioritize the ideas. The top priorities will be costed out and presented back to Council to see if they can potentially be added to the budget in the next few years.

Background information is available at www.kamloops.ca/2017budget.

So let's talk. Your participation will influence the process. Mayor, Council, and City managers will develop a broader understanding of community interests, concerns, and ideas. These factors are considered and weighed before final deliberation of the budget and the Five_year Financial Plan.