Official Community Plan (KAMPLAN)

An Official Community Plan (OCP) provides direction to guide decisions on planning and land use management within the jurisdiction of a city. The City of Kamloops’ OCP, KAMPLAN, was completed in 2017 and adopted in 2018. The OCP includes a growth plan to a population of 120,000 residents, policies to guide planning and land use, and guidelines for development.

To learn about the completed KAMPLAN Review and Update process, click the link below:

KAMPLAN Review & Update


  • Table of Contents
  • Section A: Vision and Introduction
  • Section B: Context and Existing Conditions
  • Section C: Growth Management
  • Section D-1: Land Management and Development
  • Section D-2: Environment
  • Section D-3: Transportation and Mobility
  • Section D-4: Infrastructure
  • Section D-5: Housing
  • Section D-6: Parks and Recreation
  • Section D-7: Arts, Culture, and Heritage
  • Section D-8: Health and Safety
  • Section D-9: Economic Development
  • Section D-10: Community Well-Being
  • Section E: Implementation
  • Section F: Development Permit Area (DPA) Guidelines
    • Introduction
    • City Centre DPA
    • North Shore DPA
    • Multi-Family Residential DPA
    • Intensive Residential DPA
    • Commercial DPA
    • Industrial DPA
    • Riparian Areas Regulation DPA
    • Silt Bluffs Hazard Zone DPA
    • Thompson Rivers University DPA
    • Orchards Walk DPA
  • Section G: Maps
    • Map 1: Land Use
    • Map 2: Bicycle Network
    • Map 3: Transit Network
    • Map 4: Major Road Network
    • Map 5: Hazard Lands
    • Map 6: Parks and Recreation
    • Map 7: Water Network
    • Map 8: Drainage and Flood Control
    • Map 9: Sanitary and Waste Management
    • Map 10: Environmentally Sensitive Areas
    • Map 11: Development Permit Area: Riparian Areas Regulation
    • Map 12: Development Permit Area: Silt Bluffs Hazard Zone
  • Section H: Appendices (Glossary & References)