Road Maintenance

Snow Removal 

We work diligently to keep our streets safe with annual snow removal budget of approximately $1.62 million. Below outlines how we prioritize and manage snow removal on city streets, sidewalks, and municipal properties.

City Streets

Arterial Roads

Within 4 Hours 

Roads like Fortune Drive, Columbia Street and the Summit Connector carry the highest volume of traffic and are the first to receive attention. Our goal is to maintain bare wheel paths in one lane as long as possible during snow events and to regain bare wheel paths within 4 hours of the completion of a snow event.

Collectors and Bus Routes

Within 16 Hours 

Dallas Drive, Springhill Drive and Ord Road are examples of roads that receive second priority during and after storms. Our goal is to maintain bare wheel paths in one lane as long as possible during a snow event and address these roads within 16 hours of the end of a storm.

Residential Streets

Within 36 Hours 

Our goal is to sand or plow residential streets as necessary within 36 hours of the end of a storm. Residential streets are not returned to a bare pavement condition. As long as snow continues to fall City crews will continue to clear arterial roads to keep them clear for emergency vehicles and most traffic before moving onto the lower priority roads. 

Within each of the three categories above, priority will be given to hills over level streets.


View our road classification map to determine how your road is classified.


City crews try to plow snow off roadways without placing it onto sidewalks, but this still sometimes happens.

The City of Kamloops Road Right-Of-Way Bylaw requires that every owner or occupier of private property maintain all sidewalks adjacent to their property, to ensure sidewalks are free of accumulated snow and ice.

In residential areas, it is required that snow and ice be removed each day in a timely manner after a snow fall. All other properties, including commercial properties, must have any accumulated snow and ice removed from the sidewalks before 10:00 am of every day except Sunday.

The cooperation of property owners/occupiers is appreciated to maintain and promote safe and accessible sidewalks, free of ice and snow for pedestrian travel during winter months.

For further information on snow and ice removal requirements in the areas noted, please call: 

Downtown business area: 250-828-3406 

All other areas outside of downtown: 250-828-3409

City Properties

Kamloops Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services staff are responsible for maintaining snow and ice control on municipal properties. Municipal properties consist of public buildings, parks, community centres, and walkways.

Priorities for snow and ice control on municipal properties is governed by Council Policy PRS-13.

Do Your Part

It is the responsibility of homeowners to clear snow off sidewalks adjacent to their property, and to clear the windrow at the end of their driveway. 

Remember to pile the snow on the left side of your driveway (facing the property) when clearing it of snow. This allows you to see any oncoming traffic as you back out and, when our plows go by, they won't drag your shovelled piles of snow back into your driveway.

The placing of snow on the travelled portion of the roadway contravenes the City's Road Right-Of-Way Bylaw. This regulation helps to ensure that potentially dangerous situations for motorists are avoided and the roadway is kept clear for emergency vehicles. 

Report an Issue

Report concerns with snow removal, problems with street signs or street lights, and other road issues with our online tool:

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