Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Award was initiated by Mayor & Council to acknowledge those who, over a period of time, have dedicated their time and service to the well-being of our community and its citizens.

2017 Honourable Recipients

2017 Distinguished Service Award recipients

L - R: Cst. Dustin Meikle, Jonathon Fulton, Gillian Stephenson, Bryce Herman, Danica Wilkinson, Merek De Witte, Cst. George Buttuls.

Photo: Peter Olsen Photography.

Past Recipients
  • 2017 - Jonathon Fulton, Gillian Stephenson, Bryce Herman, Danica Wilkinson, Merek De Witte

  • 2016 - Terri Axani, Sherry Chamberlain, Stan Fike, Francois Lambert, Delores Owen and Mike Stewart-Smith

  • 2015 - Marion Anderson, Bob Cowden, Chenel Meunier-Tedford, Julie Moray, Jordan Popadynetz, Margaret Rodgers and Joan Wymer

  • 2014 - Jeff Arnold, Charlie Bruce, Edward "Ted" Erickson, Raymond Jolicoeur, Claire Moreau, Andrew Philpot, Helen Saemerow and Janice Yeung

  • 2013 - Sandra Blair, Graham Cope, Pat Decker, Jessie Ann Fleming, Trevor Jensen, Niki Remesz and Anthony Salituro

  • 2012 - Harvey Fraser, Lynda MacKenzie, Acacia Schietenknop and Ruth Williams

  • 2011 - Maurice (Mo) Bradley, Natasha Chisholm, Kailey Jolliffe, Natasha Nilsen and Sandy Van Camp

  • 2010 - Sue Adams, Jan Cook, Elizabeth Lyne and Izzy McQueen

  • 2008 - Natalie Lidster, Alice Ross and Joyce Ware

  • 1999 - Andrew Quirie

  • 1996 - Ian Neighbour and Robert J Perry

  • 1995 - Naomi B Butner, Ambo Dhaliwal, Jeevyn Dhaliwal, Doreen Haughton, Enid Janzen, Barbara Morgan, Marian Owens, Kris Stephenson, Karen Willies and Yosh Yoshida