Operating Requirements


The owner of a business is required to submit plans to all agencies for approvals where required and obtain a business licence prior to the business opening.

The following approvals may apply:

List of approvals
  • Zoning - The intended premises must be in a zone which permits the type of business use. Check with Development and Engineering Services (250-828-3561).
  • Parking - "On-site" parking spaces may be required. Check with Development and Engineering Services (250-828-3561).
  • Building - A Building Permit is required for new buildings, alterations, or modifications from the Building Inspection Division (250-828-3554). Download an application for a Building Permit.
  • Signs - A Sign Permit is required from Development and Engineering Services (250-828-3561) for altering an existing sign or for erecting a new sign. Download Application for Sign Permit
  • Fire - All commercial premises must pass inspections by Fire & Rescue Services (250-372-5131) and Building Inspection Division (250-828-3554) for your particular use prior to occupancy and issuance of your business licence.
  • Vehicles - All commercial vehicles require a Municipal Commercial Vehicle decal annually (250-828-3481).
  • Interior Health - The Interior Health Unit (250-851-7340) requires prior plan approval for all businesses handling food and/or liquor such as:
    • Restaurants 
    • Cafeterias 
    • Delicatessens 
    • Meat Markets 
    • Fish Markets 
    • Concession Stands/Mobile Concessions 
    • Bakeries 
    • Mobile Catering Vehicles/Pushcarts 
    • Grocery Stores 
    • Lounges, Pubs, Bars 
  • Approvals are also required for: 
    • Beauty Salons/Barber Shops 
    • Commercial use of spas, hot tubs, whirlpools and swimming pools 
    • Health-related Services 
    • Adult Care and Child Day Care Facilities

Check with the Business Licence Division to determine your fee before submitting your application.

Additional Contact Numbers

Owners should ensure that they have received all approvals prior to the opening of their business. Listed below are other approval-related contacts.

List of additional contacts

Service BC 
Government Agent's Office 
455 Columbia Street

Community Futures 
330 Seymour Street, V2C 2G2 

Revenue Canada, Penticton 

Liquor Control Board 


Interior Health 

Workers' Compensation Board 

Consumer Taxation - PST 
455 Columbia Street 

To obtain a licence to play copyright protected music in a public setting, call: