Home Business Guidelines

"Home-based business" means a commercial undertaking carried on for gain or profit, which is accessory and subordinate to the principal residential use of the dwelling unit, subject to the regulations of Section 304 of this bylaw.

Home-based businesses shall not include daycare facilities, bed and breakfasts, personal services, medical offices, meat cutting or any undertaking in which motor vehicles are serviced, sold, leased or otherwise dealt with.

Zoning Requirements

Home-based businesses are permitted in relation to all residential uses in Division Five, Division Six, Divisions Thirteen through Thirty-Three inclusive, and in Multiple Family Dwelling Units in Division Thirty Four and Thirty Five of this bylaw, if the home-based business complies with Section 304(a) to (l). 


(a) A home-based business can be carried on only by a person whose normal and principal place of residence is in the dwelling unit together with not more than two other persons who do not reside in the dwelling unit, except where the home-based business is located in a multiple family development, in which case not more than one other person who does not reside in the dwelling unit may assist in the home-based business. 

(b) The storage of goods, materials or finished products is permitted only where it is accessory to the home-based business and only when such storage is wholly contained within the dwelling unit or a building accessory to the dwelling unit, both of which must comply with all City bylaws. 

(c) The floor space used by a home-based business in a dwelling unit and accessory building shall not exceed the lesser of: 
     i) 50 m², or 
     ii) 20% of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit. 

(d) A home-based business shall produce no offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odour, heat, glare, radiation or electrical interference. 

(e) A home-based business, its employees and suppliers shall not use on-street parking. Motor vehicles using on-site parking shall include no more than one vehicle displaying the name of the home-based business. 

(f) A home-based business shall give no exterior indication of the home-based business including no storage of supplies or material, no displays of goods or products, no floodlighting and no signs visible from the outside, except there may be one single unilluminated nameplate not exceeding 0.28 m² in area, placed within or flat against the dwelling unit or any accessory building. 

(g) The salvage, repair, storage, maintenance, detailing or sales of motor vehicles; the sale, repair, maintenance, detailing, or servicing of motor vehicle engines or parts; motor vehicle body repairs, detailing, or painting are not permitted as home-based businesses. 

(h) Materials and commodities shall not be delivered to or from the dwelling unit in such bulk or quantity as to require delivery by motor vehicles with detachable trailers. 

(i) No home-based business shall operate between the hours of 2200 (10:00 pm) and 0700 (7:00 am). 

(j) The client or customer of a home-based business is not permitted to enter the dwelling unit or any accessory building to inspect or pick up goods or to receive any service. 

(k) Notwithstanding section (j), music/art instruction and tutoring are permitted as home-based businesses, limited to a maximum of two (2) students at any one time. 

(l) Enforcement shall be in accordance with City Council policy.

Apply for a Business Licence

All businesses, including home-based businesses, require a business licence issued by the City. Apply for a licence by using the form below.

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