Strategies and Plans

KAMPLAN 2004 - Maps

Five maps related to KAMPLAN 2004

KAMPLAN: Official Community Plan

An Official Community Plan (OCP) provides direction to guide decisions on planning and land use management within the jurisdiction of a city. The City of Kamloops’ OCP, KAMPLAN, was completed in 2017 and adopted in 2018. The OCP includes a growth plan to...

KAMTALK 2020 Vision

A report stemming from a visioning workshop including 170 civic-minded residents and 40 facilitators Publication Date: November 2001

Liquid Waste Management Plan

This is the final report of a review of the 2003 Liquid Waste Management Plan.  Publication Date: December 2009.

Mayor's Task Force Report on Economic Recovery and Renewal

The Mayors Task Force in Economic Recovery and Renewal is the City's attempt to react to the COVID-19 pandemic and assist citizens in a number of ways. This report from the task force offers suggestions that both recognize the challenges and offers...

McDonald Park Neighbourhood Plan

The McDonald Park Planning Project is a joint effort between the University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning and the City of Kamloops. Its mission is to maintain and enhance the McDonald Park Neighbourhood as a liveable and...

McGill Corridor/Southgate Project Concept Plan

The McGill Corridor/Southgate Project commenced in the Spring 2001 as a joint project between the University College of the Cariboo (UCC) and the City of Kamloops. This project was initiated as a design charette for the McGill Road Corridor and has...

Mt. Dufferin Land Use Plan

The Mt. Dufferin Lands are widely recognized as a unique and valuable community resource and this Land Use Plan represents a commitment by the City of Kamloops and the public to manage the resource wisely. The planning process has been a vehicle for...

North Shore Neighbourhood Plan

The North Shore Neighbourhood Plan was initiated by the Development and Engineering services Department in February 2005 to provide a comprehensive land use plan to direct and guide the growth and evolution of the North Shore over the next five to ten...

Parks Master Plan

The purpose of this project was to prepare a 10-year Parks Master Plan for the City that will provide a framework for decisions related to parkland, park development, outdoor recreation, and park management to ensure that goals are being achieved. ...