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Apportionment Information for Developers and Strata Property Purchasers

Each year a number of property subdivisions (typically condominiums, duplexes or townhouses) are completed within Kamloops. In some cases, the new strata plan does not get registered with the land title office by November 30 and therefore isn’t included on BC Assessment’s Annual Assessment roll. The result is:

  • Only the original un-subdivided property appears on the roll for the subsequent tax year
  • A tax notice is issued only to the developer as owner of the original property

Section 242 and 243 of the Community Charter allows the City to follow a process to redistribute the property taxes from the developer to the new owners of each sub division.

This process generates a separate tax notice for each unit and allows new owners, if eligible, to apply for the Home Owner Grant for that year.

Information for Developers

In situation when the November 30 deadline is missed, developers have two options; to either pay the taxes on the parent folio or request that the City of Kamloops apportions taxes to the individual units.

Apportionment Criteria:

  • Developers must provide a letter of request signed by a registered owner as listed on the current year tax roll (the parent folio). This letter may be emailed or delivered to the City of Kamloops Revenue and Taxation Division.
  • The request must be received by the City between December 1 of the previous tax year and April 30 of the current tax year.
  • The subdivision plan must be deposited in the land title office after November 30 in any year and before June 1 of the following year.
  • Developers must pay all prior year outstanding taxes.
  • An apportionment will only be issued if there are no outstanding assessment appeals related to the subdivision.

The Revenue and Taxation Division will advise of either approval or denial of an apportionment request by early June.

Information for Strata Property Purchasers

When you buy a unit in a new development, the lawyer or notary will draw up a Statement of Adjustments (SA). The SA will outline your share of the property taxes.

Your lawyer or notary may advise you to contact the City of Kamloops about taxes owing. If you learn that taxes have only been levied on the original development property and not on the individual units, you or your legal representative should confirm with the developer whether an apportionment has been requested.

If the developer successfully applies for an apportionment, you will receive a notice with your property taxes owing from the City of Kamloops in June. If the developer does not apply or is unsuccessful in applying for an apportionment the taxes will remain on the parent folio and be the responsibility of the developer.

Developers can request an apportionment between December 1 of the previous tax year and April 30 of the current tax year and will know if the request has been granted by mid-June. Purchasers may not request an apportionment. If a property is not apportioned, new owners are not able to apply for the Home Owner Grant.