If courts are full and you are waiting:

•    Place your paddle in the slots provided to hold your group’s spot. 
•    Please limit play to one game to 11 points.
•    Call “court” when finished playing your game to 11 and rotate out. You must leave the court immediately after play—no socializing.
•    Once you have finished your game and you want to play again, place your paddle in the slots at the end of the line.

Court Etiquette

•    Smile, introduce yourself, and welcome new players.
•    Do not enter a court while a rally is in progress.
•    If a ball rolls to your court, call out “Ball,” stop play if necessary, and replay the point.
•    Please leave your belongings outside the court.
•    Please help keep the courts clean.
•    Scheduled time allotted for Kamloops Pickleball Club are for members only.

Outdoor Schedules 

Know before you go! Schedules are subject to change on a monthly basis.

City of Kamloops Lessons & Programs

Please visit PerfectMind, the City's online program registration system, to discover and register for lessons and programs.


Learn more about our partners: Kamloops Pickleball Club and MAK Racquet Sports