COVID-19 Protocols

Please view our Pickleball Safety and Etiquette information.

Provincial Health Order for Sport

•    No physical distancing required on court/field of play
•    2 metre physical distancing off court/field of play
•    Masks required if 2 metre physical distancing can not be maintained
•    Maximum group size of 50 participants
•    No spectators

If courts are full and you are waiting:

•    Place your paddle in the slots provided to hold your group’s spot. Waiting is not permitted inside the court or transition areas. Please enjoy our park, outside of the fenced areas, while you wait.
•    Please limit play to one game to 11 points.
•    Call “court” when finished playing your game to 11 and rotate out. You must leave the court immediately after play—no socializing.
•    Once you have finished your game and you want to play again, place your paddle in the slots at the end of the line.

Court Etiquette

•    Smile, introduce yourself, and welcome new players.
•    Do not enter a court while a rally is in progress.
•    If a ball rolls to your court, call out “Ball,” stop play if necessary, and replay the point.
•    Please leave your belongings outside the court.
•    Please help keep the courts clean.
•    Scheduled time allotted for Kamloops Pickleball Club are for members only.

Outdoor Schedules 

Know before you go! Schedules are subject to change on a monthly basis.

City of Kamloops Lessons & Programs

Please visit PerfectMind, the City's online program registration system, to discover and register for lessons and programs.


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