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Tea with Students from Uji City

Treat from Uji Japan for the tea party and a screen shot of the participating Japanese students
Gifts from the Japanese students and an image of the participating Kamloops students

On October 7, members of Kamloops Junior Council and the Kamloops Ambassadors enjoyed tea with students from our Sister City Uji Japan through a virtual party arranged to facilitate cross-cultural connection. Our Junior Council members selected a range of local tea and snacks to deliver to Japan and they received a similar package of Japanese treats from the Uji students for the occasion.

"It was incredible to meet youth across the world who are passionate about similar interests! Although we may be from different countries and completely different backgrounds, there is something that brings us together. That was my favorite part!" – Alexis

“All of the Uji Ambassadors represented their city extremely well; they also showed how eager they were to talk with us as they spoke in English! I was highly impressed with their presentation.” - Sarah

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kamloops would annually host a delegation from the Uji Junior High School system in the late summer. The students enjoyed canoeing, horseback riding, visiting popular destinations in the area and getting a big dose of our Kamloops hospitality. Both Sister Cities hope that these cherished visits will recommence in 2023.

Our Sister City relationship with Uji City was officially formalized on July 1, 1990 by Mayor Phil Gaglardi. The purpose of the twinning promotes cultural awareness, economic development and tourism. Click here for more information about all the benefits of our relationship with Uji Japan.