Sharing the Stories of Transit

Early this year, the City and BC Transit put a call out looking for Kamloops residents to share their positive stories about how transit has changed their lives. The submissions we received were uplifting and heartfelt, and we want to thank everyone for sharing their stories.  

It is clear from the submissions that public transit provides so much more than just transportation—it enriches lives, offers equal access to employment and recreation, and helps create opportunities for residents to maintain or increase their overall quality of life while working towards reducing traffic congestion and lowering our community’s carbon footprint. 

Meet two residents who shared their uplifting stories with us. 


My name is Haley and I started taking the bus to work in June 2020, after returning to the office after working from home for the 2 months prior due to COVID.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday Mel boards the 12:40 #1 Tranquille bus which takes him to his volunteer job at the Mount Paul Community Food Centre.