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Responsible Dog Ownership


Every third Saturday in September is Responsible Dog Ownership Day and the fourth week of every September is National Dog Week. Responsible dog ownership is an expectation every day, but this month, we encourage all pet parents to “pawse” and remember the promise they made to their furry friend—exercise, shelter, food, and fun.

Community Service Officers (CSO) will be in a variety of dog-friendly parks between September 20—October 20 interacting with your furry friend handing out collapsible water bowls, doggie bag dispensers with bags, and mini flying discs to show our appreciation towards our canine friends and providing education to owners on the Dog Responsibility and Control Bylaw and upcoming dog licence renewals.

Being a responsible dog owner means keeping your dog happy, healthy, and safe by taking care of their basic dietary, medical, physical, and psychological needs. It also means monitoring your dog’s behaviour in public spaces and respecting the City’s bylaw so that you and your dog are being good members of the community.

If you see a CSO at your neighbourhood dog park—have no fear! The CSO is on site to educate, say hello, hand out SWAG, and to shake a paw in good faith that we have your pals back.

2022 dog licence renewal notices will be mailed out November 2021 with payment due January 1, 2022. Learn more at