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One Million Visits. One Million Adventures.


The City of Kamloops monitors nature park trail visitation using trail counters at 12 different trail heads across all areas of the city and counters at the Aviation Way Rivers Trail and West Highlands Park. Staff collect trail data at regular intervals throughout each year in order to understand usage trends at each location.

In 2019, data revealed 612,000 nature park trail visits, and 2020 saw a 64% increase—a total of 1,003,278 trail visits.

"We've always known that Kamloops residents and visitors love our unique nature parks and trail system, so reaching one million visits is incredible," said Jeff Putnam, the City’s Parks and Civic Facilities Manager. "We’re thrilled that our amazing trails and outdoor spaces were so well utilized during a very difficult year for residents.”

Trail use information is helpful for developing park and trail maintenance plans and priorities and is key to providing useful data for grant funding opportunities.

Residents are encouraged to continue to explore the City’s nature parks, whether it’s for hiking, biking, or snowshoeing. Kamloops has four nature parks: Dallas-Barnhartvale, Kenna Cartwright, Valleyview, and Peterson Creek (parks and trails users are reminded to stay on marked trails to protect the sensitive grasslands and ecosystems that our parks reside in).

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