City Educates Media on North Thompson Emergency Water Intake

Local media took advantage of learning more about the City’s new North Thompson Emergency Water Intake (NTEWI) on February 8, 2019, including how the system works and the kinds of circumstances that would put it into action.

The NTEWI was constructed to provide the city with a secondary water source in the event of a major contamination of the primary water supply from the South Thompson River. Greg Wightman, the City’s Utility Services Manager, and Rob Smith, the City’s Utility Services Supervisor - Operations, were on hand to explain to media representatives the different parts of the system and how they operate as well as explain how the system was funded.

The NTEWI was completed and tested at the end of 2018, and it was funded through a combination of federal, provincial, and municipal sources as well as Development Cost Charges.

The project leverages Kamloops’ unique benefit of having two separate water sources available within city limits.