Introducing PerfectMind, our new online registration and booking system!

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PerfectMind will replace ezREG as of Wednesday, March 6, 2019 and will be used for all program registrations from the Spring/Summer 2019 Activity Guide onward. Before you register for programs, you will need to setup your PerfectMind account. This is a simple process that should take less than 5 minutes. 

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System Highlights

  • A new user-friendly online system to register for programs on any device at any time of day
  • A family account feature to keep track of your whole family's activities and schedules in one place
  • Track your activity history and more at your fingertips in your personalized account
  • Robust search functions that will allow you to search for an activity by keyword, age, day, time or location
  • View the availability of a class and immediately book online
  • Track payments and print receipts and tax information when you need it (feature coming in April/May 2019)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you switching to a new system?

Our current system, CLASS and ezReg, is very dated and is no longer supported by the supplier. This has created an opportunity to implement a more user-friendly system that better meets the needs of our residents and the City of Kamloops.

Will my account information be automatically transferred into the new system?

If you have registered for a program, booked a facility, or held a facility membership anytime in the last two years, we will transfer your information into PerfectMind and you will be emailed with your new login information.

All other customers are encouraged to setup your new PerfectMind account prior to the launch of the new system on March 6, 2019 and Spring/Summer registration on March 13, 2019.

Why doesn't the City transfer all customer accounts?

Our current database has accumulated over 65,500 clients and many of these client profiles are obsolete or incomplete. To ensure that we only bring in current and accurate information into our new recreation software, your help and patience is greatly appreciated. We will be asking for your support as we request missing information, create your new client account upon your first purchase, or ask you to go online to create your own account.