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Plan Your Event

Events build community. As Canada's Tournament Capital, we are known for hosting fantastic international events, but we're also game to host community events, fundraisers, cultural events, and celebrations!

Hosting well over 100 cultural and community events and sports tournaments each year, we understand how valuable and important it is to plan an event down to every detail to ensure its success. We are here to help and provide guidance in planning an event in a City venue or park. 

Examples of events for 100 people or less may be for regular use such as practicing a sport, enjoying a friendly game, or for a personal event such as birthdays, weddings, celebrations of life, etc. Events for over 100 people may include large sporting tournaments, concerts, or community events that have a large impact on our community.

To request a facility or inquire about date availability, please complete a facility booking request form by selecting the application form for the estimated size of attendees, over or under 100 people. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing your request.

Applications will be accepted and evaluated on an ongoing basis and must be submitted at least 60 days in advance. Any requests made within the 60-day window may be declined if there is not adequate time for proper planning and to meet deadlines.