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Home Energy Hacks

Your house is a system with two main components that work together. The building envelope is made up of the roof, windows and doors, walls, insulation, and the foundation. The mechanical systems include space heating and cooling, hot water heating, and ventilation. 

When the whole system is working well, you can achieve optimal home energy performance. This is important for your comfort, your wallet, and the environment! Scroll down to learn some home energy hacks to help keep you comfortable and save energy and money. 

Want to learn more? Attend a free Home Energy Performance workshop! 

Our Renovate Smart Kamloops Home Energy Performance workshop explores the small, medium and big things you can do to increase your home’s energy performance. Improving your home’s energy efficiency has many benefits for your home: it’s quieter, is less prone to temperature swings, has fewer hot and cold spots, has lower energy bills, and produces less carbon emissions. 

We will cover current incentives, tips and tricks you can do today, ideas to work into your regular home maintenance, and some thoughts to consider for any future home renovations. Workshops are free and offered monthly in an online format. Registration is required.

Click here for the workshop schedule and to register.   

Home Energy Hacks

Enter to Win a Home Energy Saving Kit!

From October 2022 to July 2023, we are doing a draw for two (2) Energy Saving Kits per month. A total of twenty (20) individuals will receive a Home Energy Saving Kit. One winner per household. Must reside in the City of Kamloops.

The monthly draws will take place on or before the last day of the month and draw winners will be notified by phone and/or email, and will be provided instructions on when and how to claim their prize.