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Canada Games Aquatic Centre


    Revised Public Swim Schedules  –June 2, 3, and 4

    The public swim schedules on June 2 to 4 have been revised to accommodate upcoming swim events. The pool will be experiencing a revised public schedule on June 2–4  to host the TRU Wolfpack Invitational. View the modified schedules below under hours of operation.

    The Canada Games Aquatics Centre (CGAC) is a competition ready facility located within the Tournament Capital Centre geared towards providing an accessible, fun, and advanced facility for residents, visitors, and competitive athletes. All users of this facility are required to have a Recreation Account, register now

    Pool features include:

    • 50 metre indoor pool
    • Eight swim lanes
    • 1 and 3 meter diving boards and a 5 meter diving tower
    • Waterslide
    • Leisure pool
    • Steam room
    • Sauna
    • Hot tub with accessible lift to provide direct access for wheelchairs
    • Three fully accessible change rooms with adjustable beds, overhead lifts, and wheelchair-accessible showers and sinks
    • Secure and inclusive change rooms and common areas
    • Accessible entrances
    NOTICE: Waterslide Closed

    Updated December 9, 2022—The waterslide is currently closed for maintenance and will be unavailable for use until further notice.

    Regular Rates
    Rates include taxSingle
    Punch Card
    (10 Admissions)
    Preschool (3-6)$2.29$18.80$20.69$206.85
    Child (7-13)


    Youth (14-18)$6.09$54.39$43.05$430.05
    Adult (19-59)$8.19$72.92$43.05$430.05
    Senior (60+)$6.09$54.39$43.05$430.05
    Family$4.57 each
    (max. $19.48)
    (1 punch per person)
    • Rates include free access to the indoor track, when available.
    • Children aged 2 years and under and TRU Students with a valid U-Pass can swim for free.
    • Children aged 6 years or under must always be accompanied in the water and be within arm's reach of a parent or other person aged 16 years or older. The ratio of children aged 6 years or under to parent/guardian must be no greater than three to one.
    • A family is a maximum of two adults and all children under 18 years of age who live in the same residence. A legally dependent person with a disability will qualify regardless of age. 
    • The family punch card can only be used for adult admission when swimming with an eligible child or a legally dependent person with a disability.
    • Patrons with a disability pay the age rate and their care aide is admitted for free.

    Swimming Lessons

    Information on swim lessons and swim evaluations can be found here, Kamloops.ca/Aquatics. View the current Activity Guide for lesson programs, schedules, and registration details.

    Canada Games Aquatic Centre

    Do I need to have a online account to register for swimming?

    Yes, an online account is needed for lessons, programs, and drop-in swimming. All users of the Tournament Capital Centre and Canada Games Aquatic Centre are required to have an account. An account can be created for free at Kamloops.ca/Register.

    Do I need to register in advance to swim?

    Pre-registration is not required for leisure swims and public swims.

    How do I access the pool?

    All regular pool users will access the pool through the TCC main entrance. All users, including swim lesson participants, must check-in at the registration desk and will then proceed to the change rooms through the glass doors to the right.

    I am a TRU Student; how do I access my free semester swim pass?

    TRU Students must visit the TCC in person and present their U-Pass to activate a free semester swim pass. 

    Is there an age limit for the diving boards?

    The Lifesaving Society Canada has recommended to change the age limit for 3 m and higher diving boards. On November 1, 2022, the City adopted the recommendations and change the age limit for City of Kamloops 3 m and 5 m diving boards to individuals 12 years of age and older. This change will affect all recreational use during public swim times. The 1 m diving boards will still be available for children under the age of 12.

    There will be no changes to diving activity which is booked through a facility permit and is under the direct supervision of a qualified or certified diving instructor or coach.

    What age can children swim without parent supervision?

    All children 6 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult within arms reach in the water. Children 7 years and older that are confident swimmers may swim without direct adult supervision.

    What do the different swims include?

    Each scheduled swim determines what pool space is available depending on which swim you choose. Please ensure when you register that you have selected the correct swim you desire.

    Lap Swim (50 m) - This is for long course lap swim only, no water running is available at this time.

    Lap Swim (25 m) – Water running may be available depending on the number of lanes open.

    Laps and Leisure Swim – Includes the lap lanes, leisure pool and the hot tub. 

    Public Swim – Includes the lap lanes, leisure pool, hot tub, deep end and diving boards. 

    What is a Universal Change Room?

    The Universal Change Room provides all pool users with their own private space to change and shower. Resembling the former family change rooms, each individual use change room has a shower stall and dry change area with a bench. Stalls have full height solid walls and doors for maximum privacy. There are 20 individual rooms, 11 family rooms (larger), 1 special needs room, plus 3 full accessible change rooms with adjustable beds, overhead lifts, and wheelchair-accessible showers and sinks. 

    Within the change room area, there are now individual use bathrooms as well. The space outside of these rooms is shared space for facility users of any gender. Clothing or swimsuits are required in all areas outside of these stalls. 

    What is the new event entrance for?

    The new event entrance (next to Sage Sport) provides direct access to the spectator area, which has been redesigned for improved accessibility and functionality. Event spectators no longer need to enter the TCC lobby, cross the pool deck, or climb stairs. In addition, the new entrance provides direct access for swim clubs and reduces lobby congestion during practice times. Regular pool users will access the pool through the TCC main entrance and will not use the new entrance.

    Where can I find information on swim lessons?

    Swimming lesson programs are available for all ages and abilities at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre, Westsyde Pool, and Brock Outdoor Pool. Find more details at Kamloops.ca/Aquatics and find lesson programs, schedules, and registration info in our current Activity Guide.