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BC Energy Step Code

BC Energy Step Code requirements come into effect January 1, 2022.

Building permits applied for on or after January 1, 2022, must demonstrate compliance with the energy performance requirements of the BC Energy Step Code as adopted by the City of Kamloops for the building type as follows (applies to new buildings only):

  • Part 9 – Step 3: all new residential buildings regulated by Part 9 of the BC Building Code must comply with the requirements to meet Step 3 as defined in Subsection 9.36.6 of the BC Building Code
  • Part 3 – Step 2: all new buildings regulated by Part 3 of the BC Building Code must comply with the requirements to meet Step 2 or the established Step depending on occupancy classification as defined in Subsection 10.2.3 of the BC Building Code

Building Type Definitions (BC Building Code): 

  • Part 9 - houses and small buildings that are three storeys or less and have a building area no more than 600 square metres. Most commonly single-family homes, duplexes and some townhomes.
  • Part 3 - buildings that have a building area 600 square metres or greater or are greater than three storeys. Typically apartment buildings, condos, commercial, institutional or industrial uses.

General Process for Step Code Projects:​​​​​​






In addition to typical permit application requirements, the following documents are required as part of all new building permit applications related to the Step Code Part 9 Buildings (residential buildings): 

  • Building Permit Application:
    • Pre-Construction BC Energy Compliance Report
    • Complete pre-construction HOT2000 Full House Report (PDF)
    • Plan drawings showing layout, sizes, and construction requirements that match the information in the pre-construction compliance report
    • Submission of information required by Articles and (Div C Part 2 BCBC)
  • Upon Final Inspection:
    • As-Built BC Energy Compliance Report
    • Post-construction blower door test result
    • A PDF copy of the EnerGuide label (or equivalent)
    • Final EnerGuide label provided by NRCan to be displayed on the property when received (typically in the electrical/mechanical room)

Licensed Energy Advisors

To comply, builders must work with a Licensed Energy Advisor (EA) and/or Registered Professional to ensure the building design and construction meet the applicable energy performance and administrative requirements of the Step Code, which involves energy modeling software and on-site blower-door testing. 

The following resources provide more information about Energy Advisors and search tools to find one in your area: 

What is the BC Energy Step Code?

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial, performance-based standard that goes above and beyond the energy efficiency requirements of the base BC Building Code. It consists of a series of specific measurable efficiency targets, and groups them into "steps" that represent increasing levels of energy-efficiency performance, with the goal that all new buildings will attain a net zero energy ready level of performance by 2030.

A Net Zero Energy Ready Building is a building built to high energy-efficiency standards such that it could (with additional measures) generate enough onsite energy to meet its own energy needs.

As buildings represent 29% of Kamloops's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the Step Code presents an opportunity to support the City’s Community Climate Action Plan target of reducing community-wide GHG emissions by at least 30% by 2030 and 80% by 2050 (compared to 2007 baseline). 

For more information and helpful resources on the BC Energy Step Code, visit EnergyStepCode.ca.

Note: The City's Step Code Incentive Program is fully-subscribed. Please contact Sustainability Services if you need assistance with administering a project already registered in the program. Visit BetterHomesBC.ca for more information on CleanBC's current incentive program offerings.