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Emergency Programs

The Kamloops Emergency Program was established to maintain an Emergency Plan; a Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Assessment; an Emergency Operation Centre; and an Emergency Social Services Team. The emergency training and exercise program is continually updated and tested as it is integral to the City's emergency response capability.

Emergency Plan

The City of Kamloops maintains an emergency response plan that was completed in 2001 and updated in 2012.

The plan, which is constantly evolving, goes hand-in-hand with the British Columbia Emergency Response Management System (BCERMS). As soon as the Emergency Plan is activated, the Provincial Emergency Program is notified.

Emergency Map

    Pandemic Planning

    The City of Kamloops Emergency Program is works with Interior Health in planning for and responding to a pandemic.

    Emergency Program Training and Exercises

    The City of Kamloops maintains a comprehensive training and exercise program. The Emergency Program members participate in an Emergency Operation Centre exercises every year. We participate in exercises with our community stakeholders and businesses, such as with Kruger, Trans Mountain, CN/CPR, and Interior Health.

    Emergency Operation Centre

    An Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) is a designated site that provides emergency site support such as additional resources to the site(s), coordination of responding agencies, policy direction, communications, and public information. The City maintains trained EOC staff to this end.

    Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Assessment

    As part of its emergency planning, the City completed a Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Assessment, which prioritizes the hazards to the city, the risk of them occurring, and the associated vulnerabilities:

    • Risk Priority List
    • Epidemic—Human—Pandemic
    • Dangerous Goods Spill
    • Flood
    • Fire—Interface & Wildfire


    The Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Assessment outlines and prioritizes the hazards to the city and the risk of their occurrence and guides the City of Kamloops ongoing mitigation efforts in reducing the likelihood of a hazardous event taking place and/or the severity of its impact. Some examples of the city's mitigation initiatives are: