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Electric Bikes (E-Bikes)

E-Bikes are human-powered bicycles with an electric motor that assists with power and speed, making them ideal for Kamloops’ hilly terrain and longer travelling distances.

E-bikes are regulated in BC under the Motor Vehicle Act. To be considered an e-bike, it must have functional human-powered pedals, an electric motor(s) with a total power output not exceeding 500 watts, and a maximum speed of 32km/h on level ground. To operate an e-bike in BC, a person must be 16 years of age or older and wear a bicycle helmet.  A driver’s license, registration and insurance are not required. Learn more about e-bike regulations and the rules of the road here.

Types of E-bikes
E-bikes come in many styles including fat, cargo, commuter, recreational, hardtail, off-road full-suspension and even high-performance road bike styles, so there is something for everyone. Consider your typical trip and what you will use it for most of the time (on roads, trails, hauling groceries or kids, etc.).  Visit your local bike store to see what bike and accessories (like panniers for storage, child seats, etc.) they recommend for you to meet your needs.