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Burial & Cremation Options

Deciding how to memorialize the loss of someone is emotional and can be overwhelming. Choices can be guided by past family tradition, religious practice, cultural considerations, and personal preference.  

Your loved one's final resting place can vary from a private crypt or grave, to scattering in our ossuaries, to a space shared with family. 

Here are some of the common terms when dealing with memorials to aid in making these emotional decisions. 

  • Cemetery Care Fund: a portion of the burial costs are set aside for the maintenance of the cemetery
  • Columbaria: an above ground granite structure for cremated remains. 
  • Crypt: is a space in a mausoleum used, or intended to be used, for the entombment of human remains.
  • Grave: is a space of ground in a cemetery used, or intended to be used, for the burial of human or cremated remains.
  • Grave Liner: a ridged shell structure to cover a casket for a grave interment (burial).
  • Mausoleum: a structure above-ground containing crypts designed for the entombment of human remains, and includes a columbarium for the inurnment of cremated remains in its niches.
  • Memorial Wall: a wall of a mausoleum where nameplates are attached in memory of cremated remains.
  • Monument Grade Beam: a long running concrete foundation for upright monuments.
  • Niche: a recess hole in a wall of a mausoleum or columbarium used or intended to be used for the inurnment of cremated remains.
  • Ossuary: an opening within a shrub or floral garden area that allows for cremated remains to be placed in an in-ground co-mingled chamber. (Cremains will be placed with other cremains). 

Burial Options

There are many ways to be memorialized. Below are options offered by the City of Kamloops. 

Burial and Memorial Costs

For fees for residents and non-residents (those who have not resided in Kamloops in the last 12 months), please refer to Schedule A within Bylaw No. 6-27.

Extra fees apply for services after 3:00 pm, Monday–Friday, on weekends and statutory holidays, and for pallbearer requests. Please refer to Schedule A of  Bylaw No. 6-27 for fee information, including non-resident fees and winter interment costs.

Memorial Bench Program

Due to strong demand and a limited availability of “new” bench locations the City of Kamloops has suspended the sales of memorial benches until further notice. This will allow staff to catch up to current requests and develop a long term plan for memorialization options across the City. Existing customers will not be impacted. Thank you for your support and understanding.