Kamloops Monument

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Burial & Cremation Options

Burial Options

Casket Service Options

  • Casket single-depth grave 
  • Casket double-depth grave (lawn crypt - concrete liner only available)
  • Beam section single-depth grave (with upright or pillow memorial)
  • Mausoleum crypts (at capacity, pre-reserved space only)

Please note that the fees listed on this page are for residents. For non-residents (those who have not resided in Kamloops in the last 12 months), please refer to Schedule A within Bylaw No. 6-27.

Casket Burial Costs*

Rights of IntermentSingleDoubleBeam SectionDouble Depth
(not available)
Double Depth
Lawn Crypt
Plots (including Care Fund)$1,764.28$3,528.56$2,117.14N/A$2,253.67
Open/Closing Services**$1,524.69$3,049.38$1,524.69$,1701.50$1,701.50
Casket Liner (required)$945.56$1,891.12$945.56$945.56$1,474.72
Total (plus GST)$4,234.53$8,469.06$4,587.39$2,647.06$5,429.89

* memorials not included.
**Winter interment fee for open/closing services (November 1–March 1) is $1859.38 (plus GST). Does not apply to previously purchased lots.

Cremation Service Option

Cremation Burial Costs*

Rights of IntermentSingleDoubleGarden of
Plots (including Care Fund)$755.94$1,511.88$117.31
Open/Closing Services$466.38$932.76Nil
Liner (required)$238.31$472.62Nil
Total (plus GST)$1,460.63$2,921.26$117.31

* memorials not included

Columbarium and Garden Wall Niche Costs

Each niche can hold two urns.

Rights of IntermentSingle NicheSingle Niche (Pedestal)
Niche Package (plus GST)
(includes niche, perpetual care, bronze memorial plate/install, and opening/closing services)
Pictures (optional) are available for an additional fee.   

Memorial Options

  • Upright monument* for casket or cremation 
  • Flush memorial marker* for casket or cremation

Please Note: Extra fees apply for services after 3:00 pm, Monday–Friday, on weekends and statutory holidays, and for pallbearer requests. Please refer to Schedule A within the bylaws link below for fee information, including non-resident fees and winter interment costs.

* subject to Bylaw No. 6-27