Message from the Chief

A Message from the Chief

As the new Fire Chief for the City of Kamloops Fire Rescue, I would like to take this opportunity introduce myself to staff and the citizens of Kamloops.

I have enjoyed an exciting and rewarding career for the past thirty four plus years with the City of Edmonton Fire Rescue Service, where I started out a s a recruit firefighter in March of 1980, progressing through the ranks of Officer, with the last four and a half years in the roll of Deputy Fire Chief.

Through this time, as any firefighter with similar years of experience will attest to, I have seen many leadership styles, with varying degrees of success and, or failure. What I have come to adopt as my personal approach to leadership with a group of professionals is to develop an understanding and acceptance of common goals and objectives, and working together to fulfill these obligations.

For us to continue to be successful there needs to be a commitment of each individual for their responsibilities and accountabilities as it pertains to their respective role in the organization. With that in mind, all our Officers need to be empowered to utilize their knowledge and experience and make sound decisions as the situation dictates, obviously keeping in mind accepted policies and guidelines.

My expectation of all staff within Kamloops Fire Rescue is that actions and decisions made are grounded by core principals, those being ensuring the best level of service possible at all times, the safety of our staff, and continuous building of public trust.

As well, I believe communication is critical to the success of any organization, and will endeavour to be as open and transparent as possible with all staff. Input from all levels and areas of Fire Rescue will be welcomed and encouraged. Structured meetings will continue on a regular basis ensuring the appropriate people are involved in these discussions.

As we move forward with common goals and objectives, I am confident that the expectations of City Council, City Administration, and the Citizens of Kamloops will be met in the highest standard possible.

Thank you to all who have welcomed me to Kamloops and support my role of Fire Chief.

Dale McLean

Dale McLean
Fire Chief

Kamloops Fire Rescue
1205 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2C 5R9
P: 250-372-5131 F: 250-372-1447

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