City Budget

As the City plans for its next five-year budget cycle, from 2019-2023, it has been consulting and engaging with residents about the 2019 provisional budget and supplemental items on the Let's Talk Budget web page. There, citizens can get informed, find key timelines, view videos, documents and FAQ's related to the budget process.  

The City is now nearing the end of the budget consultation life cycle. A Public Budget Meeting was held on February 7, 2019. At that meeting, the City updated residents on the draft budget and 2019-2023 Five-year Financial Plan, and introduced staff and community-driven supplemental items along with potential funding sources. The 13 supplemental items are listed on the Let's Talk Budget web page and public comments are invited. 

At its March 12 Council Budget Meeting, Council will finalize the supplemental items and tax requirements for the 2019 budget. At its April 16 Council Budget Meeting, Council set the tax rates. 

For historical reference, below are some documents related to the previous Five-year Financial Plan 2018-2022. These documents highlight efficiencies throughout the organization. Please note, in early 2018, the organizational structure of the City changed, and the titles of the departments below reflect the previous organizational structure. 

The City's financial statements can be found here

Other key publications and reports, including the Annual Report, can be found here.