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About KamClean Week

A Communities in Bloom iniative since 2004, KamClean Week is a spring clean up program to promote pride and environmental stewardship.

2014 Events

April 13-19 | KamClean Challenge
In honour of Earth Day, schools, businesses, community groups, and residents are asked to sign up for the KamClean Challenge. You can register online and make a pledge to clean up a location near you.
» Take the Challenge

April 13 | Free Landfill Day*
Before you make a trip to the landfill, ask yourself if the items can be reused or recycled. A $10 fee will apply for each appliance containing Freon. Use our Product Care drop-off for paints, solvents, pesticides and flammable liquids. For a list of acceptable items visit:

* Please secure your loads to prevent material from escaping onto roadways. Motorists with escaping loads are subject to fines under the Motor Vehicle Act and City By-Law.

April 15 | Council Clean Up
City Council with Communities in Bloom will be picking up litter around town.

April 16 | Graffiti Clean Up Day
Join Communities in Bloom as they clean up graffiti around downtown.

April 17 | Adopt-A-Road Day
The Adopt-A-Road program allows clubs, private organizations and citizens the opportunity to help keep Kamloops beautiful by picking up litter along a designated street. In return a placard with their name will be put up along their street. Call 250-828-3400 to sign up.

Beyond KamClean Week

April 22 | Earth Day
Do your part for Earth Day by:

  • Taking Transit, carpooling or walking to school or work
  • Organizing a neighbourhood clean up
  • Packing a litterless lunch
  • Composting household waste and applying mulch around plants to reduce evaporation and save water

June 7 | Hazardous Household and Electronic Waste Drop-off
Bring your household chemical products, old TVs, computers, and other electronic waste to a free drop-off at the Mission Flats Landfill and Recycling Depot.

Spring/Summer | Yard Waste
Please dispose of any yard waste at one of the many sites in Kamloops: Cinnamon Ridge, Barnhartvale or McGill Rd. See map locations below.
» /garbage/yardwastesites.shtml

All sod, turf and soil is no longer accepted at the yard waste locations including Cinnamon Ridge. These items should be taken to either the Mission Flats or Barnhartvale Landfills.

Public Works and Utilities
955 Concordia Way
Kamloops BC V2C 6V3
ph 250-828 3461

Note: All correspondence is entered into our system and will be directed accordingly. The City of Kamloops will endeavor to contact you within two business days. Thank you.