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Communities in Bloom

Accepting the Best Blooming Community award "People, plants and pride... growing together" captures the essence of this international initiative to improve the environmental health of communities.

This year, Kamloops will host the 2015 Communities in Bloom Symposium & Awards: Provincial, National & International.
» 2015 Symposium & Awards
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Communities in Bloom (CIB) evolved from several European communities with long standing beautification initiatives. CIB was established in in Canada in 1995, and with 29 participating municipalities were honoured at an award ceremony on Parliament Hill.

CIB has grown to include hundreds of communities across Canada, the United States, Asia, and Europe. Participants can compete internationally and provincially.

In 2000, Parks Director Byron McCorkell, with the support of Mayor Mel Rothenburger, established the Kamloops Communities in Bloom Committee. Dave Hilton, then Parks Manager was asked to form a community based committee. This committee laid the groundwork for Kamloops to enter the 2001 CIB national competition. (population of 50,001-150,000 category)

Since that time, Kamloops has been a consistent winner at both the national and international levels. It is important to note that once a community has won, they must wait 2 years to compete again, and to a much higher standard. (see Achievements).

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