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Insurance Certificates

Standard Certificate of Insurance
(for agreements, lease and permits)
This form is used for agreements, leases and permits relating to land and buildings, facility rentals (Sandman Centre, Yacht club, Parkside Lounge, Pools, etc.), sandwich board applications, parks special events, street vendors, Interior Saving Centre vendors, equipment rental, road right-of-way usage, and play field and arena usage.

This Certificate is to be used by Developers for Subdivision Projects and by Builders for Building Permits. It is also used for Professional Engineers and Consultants

Standard Certificate of Insurance Form - PDF
Standard Certificate of Insurance Form - MS Word*

Construction Certificate of Insurance
The Construction Certificate of Insurance is used for projects that are tendered when contract documents have been prepared (See Insurance Matrix for liability limits).

Insurance Matrix - PDF
Construction Insurance Specifications - PDF
Construction Certificate of Insurance - PDF
Construction Certificate of Insurance - MS Word*

* Type your information into our MS Word form, print it and fax it to: (250) 828-0845.

Incident Report Forms
Contractors Incident Report Form - PDF
Contractors Incident Report Form - MS Word*

Risk Management
6 Seymour Street West
Kamloops, BC V2C 1E1
ph 250-828-3417 or 828-3315

Note: All correspondence is entered into our system and will be directed accordingly. The City of Kamloops will endeavor to contact you within two business days. Thank you.