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Let's Talk: Food and Urban Agriculture Plan

Harvesting our Potential

Food security is a key priority in both the Sustainable Kamloops Plan (2010) and the Kamloops Social Plan (2009). Over the past 18 months, the City's Food and Urban Agriculture Plan has been in development with the help of an advisory committee. Urban hens, community gardens, composting, farmers' markets, gleaning, educational opportunities and more - FUAP provides policy direction and recommendations on just about anything to do with local food and urban agriculture.

And now, the Food and Urban Agriculture Plan is here! The plan draws from the extensive stakeholder and public input received over the last year, as well as research into best practices and promising approaches in other communities. 645 surveys were completed, hundreds of people attended our open houses, and nearly two dozen meetings were held with a broad range of stakeholder and community groups – thank you to everyone who participated and helped make the FUAP all that it is.

Coming Soon - October 2015

Food and Urban Agriculture Plan Public Input Report
A report providing additional information on what Kamloopsians had to say on food security, urban agriculture, and the recommendations within the plan.

Interactive Maps of the Kamloops Food System
We’ve been working with our GIS team on turning the Food System Asset Maps at the bottom of this webpage and in Appendix C of the FUAP into an interactive format. Once completed, users will be able to zoom in and read detailed information on everything from community meal programs to local food retailers.

In the News

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"Our aim is that Kamloops has a supply of fresh, local food."
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Jan 28, 2015
Consulting with the public to develop a Food & Urban Agriculture Plan.
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Jan 27, 2015
"I would love to see Kamloops food-secure."
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Background Info

The Food and Urban Agriculture Plan was previously referred to as the Urban Agriculture and Food Systems Strategy (UAFSS). Background materials are as follows:

» Open House Display Panels
» Pictures from Local Food System Showcase and Mobile Tour
» Project Terms of Reference
» Stakeholder Forum Summary Report

For Advisory Committee Terms of Reference and meeting minutes, please visit Civic Web.

FUAP Advisory Committee Agendas

» Jun 04, 2015
» Apr 30, 2015
» Mar 19, 2015
» Feb 19, 2015

» Dec 11, 2014
» Oct 16, 2014
» Sept 18, 2014
» Jul 10, 2014
» Jun 05, 2014
» May 08, 2014
» Apr 10, 2014
» Mar 27, 2014
» Mar 13, 2014

Food System Asset Maps
» Community Gardens and Edible Landscaping
» Emergency Food Resources
» Food Retailer Locations

Food System Resources
» Kamloops Food Policy Council
» Interior Community Services
» Food Secure Canada
» BC Food Systems Network

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