Career & Auxiliary Recruitment

Kamloops Fire Rescue includes Auxiliary Firefighters whose duties and responsibilities supplement the services provided by full time Firefighters. The requirements and job duties of Auxiliary Firefighters are different from that of a full time Firefighter but include:

  • A driving record that demonstrates responsible and safe driving behaviour. A record with more than six points within the previous three years will eliminate an applicant from further consideration.
  • No conviction for a criminal offence related to the job duties of personnel in the fire service. Police Records Checks are conducted on all applicants being considered as an Auxiliary Firefighter.
  • Members of the Auxiliary Firefighters must reside within the response district of the Fire Station they serve.
  • All Auxiliary crews meet once a week for two hour training sessions as required by Kamloops Fire Rescue. Auxiliary Firefighters do receive financial compensation for training as well as emergency responses they attend.

Kamloops Fire Rescue is a composite fire department. Staffing is comprised of both career and paid on call or Auxiliary Firefighters. Of the 6 Fire Stations in Kamloops 3 have Auxiliary Members. Each Auxiliary station can have a maximum of 15 Auxiliary Firefighters. 

Station 4 in Westsyde is the only composite Fire Station staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 2 career Members backed up with on call Auxiliary Members. Stations 5 and 6 in Rayleigh and Barnhartvale respectively have on-call Auxiliary Members who are backed up by career Fire Stations in the City of Kamloops.

Auxiliary Firefighters are not given preferential treatment in a full time competition. Although Auxiliary Firefighting experience is certainly an asset to have, it is not a prerequisite to be considered in a full time competition.


Kamloops Fire Rescue (KFR) is currently looking for motivated, fit citizens committed to serving their community as an auxiliary firefighter at one of three fire stations:

  • Station 4, 615 Porterfield Road, serving Westsyde
  • Station 5, Heffley Creek Road, serving Rayleigh and Heffley Creek
  • Station 6, 5300 Dallas Drive, serving Dallas and Barnhartvale

KFR is looking for candidates who live within 5 kilometres of Station 4 or Station 6, or 8 kilometres of Station 5, to minimize response times in the event of an emergency.

Interested applicants can visit Station 1 at 1205 Summit Drive to pick up a comprehensive manual that outlines the criteria and testing regimen required for selection as an auxiliary firefighter. In addition, an information session will be held on February 21 at 6:00 pm at the KFR Training Centre on Bunker Road.

Training is provided, however preference will be given to those with prior National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) accreditation. Deadline to apply is February 23, 2018. The screening and application process will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks, after which successful applicants will be required to attend Saturday training for several consecutive weeks.