Crime Prevention Programs

We are committed to working together to build effective, balanced, and compassionate solutions to address many of the issues our neighbourhoods face. We work collaborateively with volunteers and our community partners to provide a balanced response to community issues that includes prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and enforcement.

Crime Watch

Volunteering with Crime Watch is a great way to get actively involved in public safety. Crime Watch volunteers serve as extra eyes and ears on the street by supporting various Kamloops RCMP crime prevention and enforcement projects and helping to enhance police visibility and connection to the community. New Crime Watch volunteers are trained by existing volunteers to prepare for typical duties that include:

  • Patrols of crime “hotspots” using vehicles, bikes, and on foot to collect detailed information about suspicious, criminal or disorderly activity in areas identified as targets through the Kamloops RCMP Compstat program.
  • Identification and recovery of stolen vehicles.
  • Speaking to the public about Crime Prevention tips
  • Providing information on where to report crime

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Speed Watch

Volunteers with Speed Watch work closely with the Kamloops RCMP Traffic Services section to make a real impact on road safety. Speed Watch volunteers are trained and equipped to use radar equipment and speed reader boards, and they support the Kamloops RCMP’s road safety goals by:

  • Raising drivers’ awareness about their real travel speed. Volunteers report that most drivers travelling more than 10km/h above the posted speed limit will immediately slow down when they see their speed displayed on the reader board.
  • Providing real-time data on the reality of speeding in high complaint areas. The data that volunteers collect with the radar equipment helps Kamloops RCMP’s traffic section determine where to focus speed-related enforcement and education campaigns to have the most impact.
  • Boosting police visibility in collision hotspots and high complaint areas. It isn’t always possible to send sworn police officers to investigate speeding complaints but thanks to our volunteers, it is possible to show citizens that the police are listening and acting on their concerns.

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Community Crime Prevention

Community Crime Prevention volunteers engage with the general public in delivering crime prevention programs under the direction of the RCMP by:

  • Attending community events to help police with visibility and community relations.
  • Supporting crime prevention and public safety initiatives.
  • Use public speaking skills to convey crime prevention information
  • Connecting with their audience

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Business Watch

Business Watch volunteers enhance communications between the RCMP and the business community in an effort to reduce and prevent crimes against businesses. New Business Watch volunteers are trained by existing volunteers to prepare for typical duties that include assisting business owners, operators and employees in:

  • Reporting crime - effectively observing and reporting to police all suspicious activities that could lead to crime.
  • Operation Identification -- marking all equipment, machines etc., with traceable identification for deterrence and tracing.
  • Self-protection training.
  • Crime Prevention training on subjects such as shoplifting, robbery, vandalism, fraud and burglary prevention.

Interested Business Watch volunteers also have the opportunity to be trained in conducting business security checks on businesses and offering recommendations on improvements and/or training to reduce the likelihood of businesses being victimized by crime.

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Block Watch

Block Watch is all about neighbours helping neighbours. 

Households, apartments or condominiums on a block form a communication chain to watch out for each others' homes and report suspicious activities to the police and each other. This communication is crucial in reducing the likelihood of residential crime.

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Restorative Justice

The Kamloops Restorative Justice program is offered as an alternative to the formal court process. It is a strategy to engage with both victims and offenders (youth or adult) to bring them together to discuss criminal incidents and find ways to repair the harm caused. The Community Justice Forum model is used in the program. These forums can be a powerful learning experience that encourages offenders to take responsibility for their actions and gives victims the opportunity to tell offenders how the incidents impacted them. Community Justice Forums are available for a variety of incidents, many of which could have resulted in a criminal charge. A forum is a pre-charge process that is available to perpetrators of less serious crimes when recommended by the police or other peace officers. Both parties and their supporters will engage in a process that ultimately results in a resolution agreement.

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Victim Services

Victim Services Unit (VSU) volunteers receive specialized training and work designated shifts with full-time staff to provide community outreach and education, as well as on-scene crisis response and ongoing support to victims and witnesses of crime or other traumatic events.

VSU hopefuls go through a rigorous screening and training process to make sure they have the skills and personality needed to provide critical, front-line, 24/7 support services such as:

  • Crisis intervention for victims or witnesses of any traumatic event or critical incident such as; domestic violence, serious motor vehicle collisions, a sudden death or suicide, or acute family problems.
  • Support for victims and witnesses through the investigational and legal processes that follow a critical incident.
  • Assistance to victims of fires, floods and other disasters in partnership with the Provincial Emergency Program and our local municipal Emergency Social Services agencies.
  • Education and outreach on request to community service providers and other groups interested in learning more about personal and public safety.

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Auxiliary Constable

Auxiliary Constables promote community-based policing and assist RCMP Regular Members with some of their general duties.

Under the supervision of an RCMP Regular Member, Auxiliary Constables participate in RCMP-supported community events and programs, crime prevention initiatives within schools, traffic control, ground patrols, search and rescue, and parades and other ceremonial events.

Auxiliary Constables wear the uniform of the RCMP that clearly identifies them as Auxiliary Constables. They are covered by WorkSafeBC and insurance for accidental death/dismemberment and civil liability. All Auxiliary Constables must complete 180 hours of training prior to receiving their provincial appointment.

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