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Drought Response

Water is critical to our city and to our environment, therefore, efforts to conserve water should occur year-round. Reducing the amount of water we use helps protect our ecosystems and reduces the energy used to pump, treat, and distribute water. For information and tips on how to save water year-round, visit the Water Conservation page.

Snowmelt and rainfall contribute to the water supply across British Columbia, however, precipitation is limited in the summer months when the demand for water increases and the supply available decreases. In certain years when the snowpack is limited and rainfall amounts are less than average, drought conditions can occur and water conservation efforts are even more important to protect the water levels in our rivers for fish and aquatic species.

Drought Response

In years with extreme drought conditions, water use restrictions will be enhanced to limit the amount of water we use as a city. These efforts ensure we have sufficient supply for indoor use, for firefighting, and to lessen our impact on ecosystems.

As of October 5, 2023, the City of Kamloops has moved to Drought Level 4 and watering restrictions and enforcement are no longer required.

When water restrictions are in place, the following regulations apply: 

  • Outdoor watering and irrigation is only permitted through handheld spring-loaded nozzles.
  • Effective September 5, 2023, drip irrigation will be permitted.
  • Irrigating by a sprinkler or automated irrigation system is not permitted.
  • Boat and vehicle washing is only permitted at commercial car washes. 
  • Pressure washing for aesthetic purposes is not permitted.

VIDEO CBC News recently spoke with Jason Hwang, Vice President, Salmon, with the Pacific Salmon Foundation, on how severe drought conditions in B.C., and specifically the Kamloops region, could threaten salmon runs and why water conservation is imperative in our area.

Visit the British Columbia Drought Information Portal for up-to-date information on drought conditions. The Province has sent a written request to the largest North Thompson and South Thompson water purveyors mandating a reduction in water  consumption by 30-50% based on the following Provincial Drought Level Classification.

      Water Restriction FAQs

      How to report sprinkling violations

      If you notice someone not following the City’s water use restrictions or allowable sprinkling times, please contact our Community Services Division at 250-828-3409.