Rates and Rules

Admission Rates

Please note that all of our skating programs are registration in advance. At this time all programs are $4.25

Public Skate/Stick & Puck
Single Admission
Preschool (0–3 years)Free
Child (4–13 years)$4.25
Youth (14–18 years)$5.00
Adult (19–59 years)$6.00
Senior (60+)$4.75
Family (max. 4 people)$12.00
Punch Card (5 punches)
Child (4–13 years)$17.00
Youth (14–18 years)$20.00
Adult (19–59 years)$24.00
Senior (60+ years)$19.00
Family (max. 4 people)$48.00
Drop-in Hockey
Single Admission
Punch Card (5 punches)
Occupancy Limits
  • The occupancy limit for on ice activities is 20 people per arena
  • Spectators should be limited. A maximum of 20 spectator seats will be marked with an X
  • Main lobby washrooms - men's: 2 people, women's: 3 people
  • Designated patron washrooms for each arena: 1 person
Entering and Exiting the Facility
  • Patrons will use the main entrance. The doors will be locked until 5 minutes before the ice time
  • Program Instructors will be outside 10 minutes prior to the ice time to pre-screen patrons and take attendance
  • An Arena Attendant will allowed the user group access to the arena 5 minutes before the ice time. The doors will remain locked
  • Any latecomers will not be able to gain entry into the building
  • Patrons will access the facility through the main entrance doors labeled "Enter". Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby for people entering and exiting the facility
  • Patrons will be directed to exit the facility through the main lobby doors marked "Exit"
  • There will be a 30 minute break between skating programs where all patrons will exit the facility before the next group of patrons gains access. Patrons need to vacate the facility immediately following the program
Interaction with Staff
  • Patrons will be required to maintain social distancing with staff and each other when visiting the Arena
  • Disrespectful behaviour toward staff and/or patrons disregardign physical distancing will be reported to bylaws or the police depending on the severity of the incident
General Program Guidelines
  • Patrons are required to come to the facility dressed with equipment on and to undress in the parking lot
    • Dressing rooms will not be provided
    • There will be a designated area for each arena with chairs for patrons to put on skates. Shoes and other belongings stay at designated chair
  • Players bench will be closed for use. Water bottles must be placed on the top rail at bench
  • Physical distancing (2 meters/6 feet), no contact and no game play including small sided scrimmages must be adhered to for all on ice times
  • Families are alloed to make physical contact with one another, friends must follow physical distancing protocols
  • Unsafe behaviour is not allowed.
  • No horseplay.
  • No food or drink on the ice.
  • No use of earphones or handheld devices on the ice.
  • Children under 7 years of age must be supervised by an adult who is wearing skates.
Stick Puck and Ring Guidelines
  • All participants are required to wear helment and gloves
  • No Goalies, Slapshots or Scrimmages are permitted
  • Bring your own Stick, Pucks and Rings
  • No additional training equipment allowed on the ice (shooter tutors, stick handling aids, cones, etc.)

Family Stick, Puck & Ring

  • This program is for children aged 12 and under to play with their adult gaurdian
  • All children must be accompanied on the ice by an adult

Teen Stick, Puck & Ring

  • This program is for Youth Only (13-18 years old)

Adult Stick, Puck & Ring

  • This program is for players 18 years and older
Public Skating Guidelines
  • Skating aids will not be put onto the ice, patrons can bring their own
  • Helmets are mandatory for children under 13 years of age
  • No carrying children or babies on the ice
  • No strollers, walkers, chairs or footwear allowed on the ice