Personal Training & Kinesiology

Work with a qualified exercise professional to help you meet your fitness or rehabilitation goals. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we have a trainer to suit your needs.

Get Started!

Tell us about yourself and your fitness goals.

  • First-time clients and clients returning after a one-year absence from training are required to complete a health screening package prior to scheduling their first session with a trainer.
  • The health screening package includes a detailed history of clients' exercise habits, goals, and health history and a medical consent form (if required).
    • Do you need medical clearance prior to the start of your sessions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Please pick up your health screening package at the front desk when you sign up for personal training, email to request a copy, or download the package.

The health screening package must be completed and returned prior to scheduling your sessions.

Questions? Please contact us directly:

  • By email: 
  • By phone: 250-828-3698 (Personal Training) or 250-828-3742 (Kinesiology Services).
Personal Trainers

Personal trainers can work with healthy populations as well as those who receive medical clearance from their physician. Personal trainers are certified exercise professionals who work with a variety of populations to address fitness- and health-related goals.

Why should you work with a personal trainer?

Are you just starting out on your exercise journey or returning from an extended absence from fitness? Are you interested in learning how to work on machines to create a cardio or strength circuit? Are you a fitness veteran looking to shake up your routine with new and fresh ideas? Are you an athlete looking to build or excel at your sport? Our qualified team of professionals can help you meet these goals and many more.


A kinesiologist, or a "kin", is an exercise specialist with a bachelor's degree that focuses on the movement and physiology of the human body. Our kins have a variety of specialties, from chronic disease to orthopedic rehabilitation, and are recognized by the BC Association of Kinesiologists.

Why should you train with a kin?

Do you have you had an injury? Do you have a health condition? Are you concerned about the safety of increasing your activity level? Prevention is the key! ICBC, Interior Health, and WorkSafeBC all use kinesiologist services for exercise prescription. A kinesiologist can prescribe appropriate exercise and intensity level to ensure a speedy recovery.

Sessions and Rates

Take advantage of our training packages with one of our certified personal trainers or experienced kinesiologists.

Train Smart Packages

  • Personal Training $99 (90 minutes)   
  • ​Kinesiology Training $150 (120 minutes)

This is the first step in your training journey! A Train Smart Package with a personal trainer or kinesiologist must be completed before purchasing an additional session.

Packages include a detailed fitness assessment and consultation (30 minutes—personal training; 60 minutes—kinesiology training). The subsequent 60-minute session includes the instruction of your exercise program, as developed based on your fitness assessment.

Additional sessions are available based on your fitness goals and budget.

Private Training FeesPersonal TrainingKinesiology Services
1 session$65$75
4 sessions$250 ($62.50/hour)$280 ($70/hr)
12 sessions$690 ($57.50/hour)$750 ($65/hr)

Group Personal Training

$320 ($160/person)

Put a fun twist on one-on-one personal training and bring a friend. This semi-private session package with a personal trainer will help to build your motivation while addressing your personal goals. The first session will include an assessment and will be followed by three 60-minute sessions to gain confidence in your new exercise program.

For seasonal session numbers, please refer to the activity guide under Training & Assessments.

For more information contact us:

By email:
By phone: 250-828-3698 (Personal Training) or 250-828-3742 (Kinesiology Services)

Tips for Success

Please keep the following points in mind when preparing for the assessment and future training sessions for both personal training and kinesiology training.

  • Participants should avoid eating a large meal, consuming alcohol or caffeine, or using tobacco products within two hours of testing.
  • Participants should be rested for the assessment and avoid significant exertion or exercise prior to the assessment.
  • Participants should have a complete list of their medications, including dosage and frequency of administration, and should be prepared to report the last actual dose taken.
  • Participants should make a list of any medical or fitness concerns to discuss with staff.
  • Participants should wear clothing that allows freedom of movement (no belts) and includes clean and comfortable walking or running appropriate closed-toe shoes.
  • Participants should drink ample fluids over the 24-hour period preceding the test to ensure normal hydration before testing.
  • TCC is a scent-sensitive building, so please refrain from applying strong smelling products before entering the building. Deodorant use is encouraged.
Special Notes
  • Refunds: Personal training and kinesiology packages are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Sessions expire one year after the date of purchase.
  • Cancellations Policy: Cancellation within 24 hours will result in a charge for the full fee of the scheduled session.