Recreation Master Plan

The Recreation Master Plan is a strategic document to guide the delivery of recreation services in the city and provide refreshed priorities for investment into facilities and programming.

Adopted in 2019, the Recreation Master Plan offers eight service delivery strategies, as well as implementation tactics with supporting rationale and context for each strategy. In addition, the plan identifies three overall infrastructure principles to guide future planning and the provision of recreation facilities and spaces. 

A Vision for Recreation Services in Kamloops

Recreation services in Kamloops will continue to support and foster quality of life, vibrancy, inclusivity, and diversity for all residents.

Service Delivery Goals

  • quality
  • diversity of opportunities
  • inclusiveness
  • celebrating and leveraging success
  • sustainability
  • connectedness
  • collaboration

Research and engagement was a key aspect of developing the Recreation Master Plan. The research and engagement phase of the Recreation Master Plan helped the project team assess the current state of recreation in Kamloops, including strengths, gaps, and opportunities for enhancement and optimization. To best ensure a comprehensive understanding of recreation in the community, information was gathered using a diverse array of methods, including surveys, stakeholder discussions, community group questionnaires, open houses, and online engagement via Let's Talk Kamloops.