Virtual Tours

Take a sneek peek at our galleries with our Virtual Tour! 

Take a Tour

The City of Kamloops has created map-based web applications to showcase our community. These applications link photos, map locations, and background information to create an interactive, digital resource that will help residents and visitors learn more about Kamloops on their computers or mobile phones.

These maps and photos provide something for everyone. They are a great digital resource for visitors and residents looking for new experiences and offer the public access to a record of our cultural assets. The City invites you to take a public art tour, learn about our heritage sites, visit our memorial benches, or take a virtual stroll through our parks. See the sights here:

  • Heritage: | Through this app's creation, the Kamloops Heritage Commission and the Kamloops Museum & Archives are proud to share information about local heritage properties with residents and visitors.
  • Public Art: | The public art map shows photos and the locations of stand alone public art installations and building murals. When available, the artists' names and dates of commission are included.
  • Parks: | Kamloops is a popular destination for hiking and biking. Online maps and photos are a great digital resource for park visitors.
  • Memorials: | Through the City's Memorial Bench Program, people can pay tribute to their loved ones by purchasing memorial benches in parks or along trails and walkways. Photos of these benches, the plaques attached to them, and the viewscape they provide are now accessible to all.

The KMA gratefully acknowledges financial support from the following organizations: