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Due to COVID-19, on-site education programs are temporarily unavailable. Please contact the Museum directly for more information.

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COVID-19 Update 03/16/2020

Take a Hike! Exploring Nature at the KMA (Kindergarten to Grade 1)

Take a Hike uses hiking as a way to talk about the environment around us and explore natural history in the KMA. Each student will get to wear a KMA hiking pack during their adventure exploring various “Stops of Interest” inside the Museum.

Curriculum Connections: Science, Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies
$50 | 60 minutes | 25 students max.

People + Place: Kamloops’ Cultural Communities (Grade 2 to 3)

This program introduces the history of different cultural communities that today call Kamloops home.  
After exploring archival images and personal stories of real life Kamloopsians, students will have their own opportunity to become storytellers through object-based exploration of “artifacts” from different communities.

Curriculum Connections: English Language Arts, Social Studies
$50 | 60 minutes | 30 students max.

Cause + Consequence: Fur Trade in Kamloops (Grade 4)

Learning through artifacts, archival documents, stories, and photos, students will explore the fur trade in Kamloops. Focusing on the causes and consequences of this history, students will use Historical Thinking Concepts to “think like an historian” and chart out not only the immediate impacts but also the longer-term consequences of colonialism that can still be felt throughout Canada today.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies
$50 | 75 minutes | 30 students max.

Art(egg)fact Care (Grades 6, 7, and 8)

Museums collect artifacts so that they can be cared for and available for future generations to see and learn from. People work for museums because they are passionate about conserving and telling stories about the past, visual arts, and local culture. The Art[egg]fact Care program gets students to transform into registrars and try to get their art[egg]fact from one destination (the top of the stairs) to another (the bottom of the stairs) in one piece. Do they have the design skills?

Curriculum Connections: Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, Career Education
$50 | 75 minutes | 30 students max.

Exploring the Archives: The Story of Arthur Clemes (Grade 6 – 12)

People from various backgrounds—academic, cultural, or political—will look at an artifact differently and may interpret the object’s significance and its historical impact in various ways. Students will hear about Spences Bridge entrepreneur Arthur Clemes through an artifact on the gallery floor – his Wolseley car from the early 20th century, the first gasoline powered vehicle in Interior BC. Students will be asked to be critical of the story they were told from what lens or what bias might be evident in the narrative they were told.  

Drawing their own conclusions and interpretations from primary source evidence is important for students to be critical of history. Next, students will be able to get an introduction to the resources that are available in the archives through the case study of the Clemes family fond.

*Please note, this program can only be booked in the a.m.  

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies
Cross Curricular Connections: English Language Arts
$50 | 60 minutes | 30 students max.

Highlight Tour (Kindergarten to Grade 12)

Come and explore the stories behind some of our favourite artifacts. This tour will look at small and large artifacts - from a fur trade cabin to a dugout canoe to a photograph from 1871 - delving deeper into their history and connection to Kamloops. This tour is adapted based on the grade level of classes.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies
$45 | 1 hour | 30 people max.

Temporary Exhibition Tours

Every 4 to 5 months, the second floor of the KMA fills up with a new temporary exhibition about local Kamloops history, arts or culture. Take a deeper dive into the temporary exhibitions with a half hour tour followed by a half hour of hands-on creating. 

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies
$45 | 1 hour | 30 people max.

Heritage Fair

BC Heritage Fairs is a province-wide program that encourages youth to see history around them. Heritage fairs have been held in our province for over 20 years, and today 14 communities proudly host 4,000 participating students and over 700 volunteers each spring. A number of SD73 schools participate in Heritage Fair, sending students onto the regional and provincial fair. The KMA is proud to be part of the Kamloops Thompson Regional Heritage Fair Committee and support local students learning about history.

Find out more about the Heritage Fair Program at

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