Brock Outdoor Pool

Closed for the Season

Brock Outdoor Pool is closed for the season. We look forward to seeing you again next summer! 

Brock Outdoor Pool is open each year from early June to September long weekend.  

Regular Rates

Punch Card
(10 Admissions)
Outdoor Summer
Swim Pass
Child (4-13)$3.55$29.45$55.00
Youth (14-18)$4.15$35.15$67.00
Adult (19-59)$5.50$47.75$95.00
Senior (60+)$4.15$35.15$67.00
Family*$3.55 each
(max. $14.35)
(1 punch per person)

*Children 3 years and under swim for free.

Swim Schedule 

Admission Policy:

Children 6 years of age or under must always be accompanied in the water and be in arm's reach of a parent or other person 16 years of age or older. Ratio of children 6 years or under to parent/guardian must be no greater than three to one.