Seniors Services

Snow angels is a program where neighbourhood-based volunteers are paired with seniors or residents with limited mobility who need snow removed from their pathways, stairs, sidewalks, and driveways. Snow angels is an opportunity for neighbours to engage with one another. 

Volunteer to Clear Snow

We have over 300 people waiting for a neighbour to help them out this winter! If you or your organization is interested in this citywide volunteer effort, please call 250-372-8313 or email

Register for Snow Clearing

If you are a senior or individual with limited mobility, please contact Volunteer Kamloops to register at 250-372-8313 or visit the Volunteer Kamloops website for more information.

Garden Refuse Program

Please note: This program is now managed by United Way, and specifics of the program may have changed. Please call 250-828-0600 for details.

  • Garden refuse will be picked up for senior citizens (65 yrs and older) once in the spring (April and May) and once in the fall (September and October).
  • Refuse is defined as: "spoils from the garden" such as: 
    • Leaves, grass clippings, and minor prunings from trees and shrubs.
    • Large branches from trees which have had major pruning work or where the tree has been completely removed will not be picked up.
  • Bags containing trash or other sanitation material will not be picked up.
  • All materials must be neatly piled at the curb, roadside or alley (outside fence) and must not exceed what would normally fit into the rear of a half ton pick up truck.
  • Loose materials must be bagged or boxed.
  • Pick ups will be scheduled for FRIDAYS where possible. If not, pick up will take place the following Monday.

Seniors Resources