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BC Hydro Street Light Replacement Project


Over the next three years, BC Hydro is replacing high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights in Kamloops and communities across the province with energy-efficient LEDs in order to meet federal regulations. The LED lights use less energy, are more sustainable and reliable, and last longer than traditional HPS lights.

Pilot Phase: May 30–June 15

The project will begin in two neighbourhoods selected by the City and BC Hydro: 

  • Downtown East End – east of 10th Avenue to 13th Avenue between Columbia Street and Highway 1
  • Westsyde – Harrington Road to Green Acres, between Westsyde Road and the North Thompson River (not including Westsyde Road).

Installation will begin on May 30 and last approximately two weeks.

Community-Wide Deployment: June 20–October 2022

The community-wide rollout of the BC Hydro LED lights is divided into four zones:

  • Zone 1: Aberdeen, Mount Dufferin, Upper Sahali and Southgate
  • Zone 2: City Centre, West End and Lower Sahali
  • Zone 3: Valleyview, Juniper Rider, Dallas, Campbell Creek and Westyde
  • Zone 4: North Shore, Brocklehurst and Batchelor Heights

The order of expected rollout for these zones is: Zone 2, 1, 3 then 4.

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The installation is expected to have minimal impacts on residents and businesses with the potential of short term lane closures or other traffic control in place around crews. Each individual street light installation generally takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Existing lights will be kept in place until the LED lights are installed and ready to be turned on, resulting in no street light outages during the installation period. 

What are the benefits of LED street lights?

  • LED street lights use far less energy, are more reliable, last longer, and are more sustainable.
  • LED street lights help improve public safety by increasing the visibility of sidewalks and roads at night, as well as help reduce light pollution.
  • LED street lights require less maintenance as they have a life span of up to 20 years.
  • LED street lights help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • LED street lights produce a whiter and more natural light than the orange light emitted from the existing street lights, which improves nighttime visibility and will help improve traffic safety for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

As with any change, the new light will take some getting used to. We recommend that you allow about three weeks to adjust to the new light. If after that time, you have an issue with the brightness or positioning of the light, please contact Civic Operations at or 250-828-3461. Depending on the nature of your inquiry, staff may redirect your inquiry to BC Hydro.

To learn more about the province-wide BC Hydro LED Street Light Replacement Project, visit