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Zoning Bylaw Review and Update Complete, Zoning Bylaw No. 55 Adopted

Release Date

After a lengthy review and update process, Zoning Bylaw No. 55 was adopted by City Council on November 2, 2021. This new Zoning Bylaw replaces Zoning Bylaw No. 5-1-2001.

The Zoning Bylaw regulates land use within city limits. All lands within city boundaries are assigned a zone that specifies how a property may be developed and used. 

The Zoning Bylaw regulates the building location and use, land use, structure height, open spaces areas, property size, lot coverage, principal and accessory building areas and heights, and development location on individual lots. 

“A comprehensive review and update was necessary as the last Zoning Bylaw update was in 2001. We needed to modernize the Zoning Bylaw so is it better aligned with the policies outlined in KAMPLAN—the City’s Official Community Plan—and other guiding documents,” said Stephen Bentley, one of the City’s Planners. 

“The revised Zoning Bylaw is more clear, user-friendly, and business-friendly, and it supports housing diversity and best practices for planning, sustainability, and accessibility.” 

The entire review and update process took well over a year and included extensive consultation with stakeholders, Council, and the public. 

Highlights of the new Zoning Bylaw include the following:

•    expanding the range of permitted uses in commercial and industrial zones, which provides more location choices for businesses

•    permitting customers to enter homes for certain home-based businesses

•    introducing RS1 zoning, which will allow residential suites and minimum lot size of 464 m2 for subdivision into a wider range of residential areas (except for former RS-2 zoned properties in Dallas, Juniper, and Aberdeen where a new RS2S zone allows secondary suites and garden suites while retaining the previous minimum lot size of 929 m2 for subdivision)

•    introducing RT1C (Two Family Residential 1 - Compact) zone into the east Downtown, McDonald Park, and part of the West End, which reduces minimum lot sizes for single family homes and duplexes in these areas

•    allowing larger accessory buildings and higher fence heights and requiring minimum front yard landscaping on residential lots

•    introducing parking regulations that support active transportation and improved accessibility, with reduced parking requirements for affordable or below market housing types, and where approved streetscape improvements or EV-ready parking stalls are provided

•    permitting multi-family development in shopping centres and commercial arterials and restricting drive-thru businesses in major town centres

•    providing increased residential density for multi-family development that includes market rental, affordable market rental, below market rental, or social housing units

•    updating regulations for shipping containers to allow them on a temporary basis in all zones and on a permanent basis in non-urban or suburban residential zones, subject to regulations on number, size, siting, and public safety

For more background, project summary, community engagement report, and a full summary of changes from the previous Zoning Bylaw to Zoning Bylaw No. 55, visit

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