Traffic Signal Optimizations Coming to Sahali

Release date: 
December 1, 2021

Kamloops, BC—In early December, City crews will be completing the Sahali Signal Optimization Project. This project will bring several key improvements to the traffic signals in the Sahali network which include:

Traffic Signal Optimization: As the last optimization for the Sahali area was completed in 2011, signal timing at 13 intersections will be updated to reflect more recent traffic patterns, which is expected to reduce delays and improve the flow of traffic.

Leading Pedestrian Intervals along McGill Road: A leading pedestrian interval (LPI) gives a head start to pedestrians at signalized intersections by providing an advanced "walk" signal while lights remain red for vehicles for several seconds. Giving pedestrians a head start in this way has been shown to reduce conflict by enhancing the visibility of pedestrians and reinforcing their right-of-way over turning vehicles.

LPIs were installed at several downtown intersections along Victoria Street this past summer and are part of the City’s commitment to enhancing pedestrian safety. The new LPIs will be introduced on McGill Road at Dalhousie Drive, University Drive East, and Summit Drive. Drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to use extra vigilance in these areas to adjust to the new signals.  

Advanced Left-Turn Arrows: Advanced left-turn arrows will be installed at the two following locations:

  • Summit Drive and Arrowstone Drive—from Summit Drive, turning north onto Arrowstone Drive. 
  • Hillside Drive and McGill Road—from Hillside Drive, turning west onto McGill Road.

Signal re-timing may require minor adjustments once in place and motorists are advised they may experience some congestion on their daily route while these adjustments are worked out.