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Traffic Signal Optimizations Coming to Hillside Drive

Release Date

This fall, the City will be implementing traffic signal optimizations on Hillside Drive.

As the last optimization traffic signals on Hillside Drive was in 2015, signal timing at five signalized intersections from the Pacific Way/Hillside Drive intersection to the Walmart mall access will be updated to reflect more recent traffic patterns. This is expected to reduce delays and improve the flow of traffic. Signal timing adjustments were completed through computer modelling using traffic counts taken by specialized traffic cameras to identify morning, midday, and afternoon peak hours.

The City manages a network of approximately 75 signalized intersections, which is divided into zones. With the City’s annual traffic counting program, the Transportation Division aims to optimize and improve signals in one zone per year, cycling through the network every five years to respond to changing traffic volumes as the City’s population, land use, and mobility patterns change.

Signal retiming may require minor adjustments once in place and motorists are advised they may experience some congestion on their daily route while these adjustments are worked out.