Statement from the Kamloops Fire Chief on the Parkcrest Elementary School Fire

Release date: 
December 18, 2019

At the culmination of the investigation into the Parkcrest Elementary School fire, Kamloops Fire Rescue Chief Mike Adams has issued the following statement:

“As we wrap up the investigation into the fire that destroyed Parkcrest Elementary School in September 2019, I would like to acknowledge the continued efforts of School District 73 in practicing fire safety within their schools. The result of this fire was devastating for students, teachers, and parents, and we understand that events like this can create anxiety in the community about the safety of older schools in the district. The School District has done an exceptional job at maintaining and testing its fire detection systems, as well as regularly practicing safe evacuation procedures with students and staff. While the loss of the school was terrible, we know that the detection system activated as expected and are pleased the loss was limited to the structure itself. We are confident in the school district’s fire prevention procedures in their buildings and their commitment to the safety of students and staff.”