Retail-Grade, Class A Compost Solution is Making Kamloops Shine

Release date: 
September 8, 2020

Kamloops, BC – The City of Kamloops has found a solution to manage its ongoing production of biosolids and produce a retail-grade soil amendment comparable to Nature’s Gold or Ogogrow. The City is working with Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. to transport the biosolids from Kamloops’ municipal wastewater to Arrow’s organics composting facility in Princeton, the Ingerbelle Compost Facility, for processing. The resulting Class A compost is a nutrient-rich resource used to benefit City flower beds, planters, and fields and restore capital project sites to their original beauty.
“If you’ve noticed how beautiful the flower beds and planters are at City Hall this year, you’re witnessing the benefits of Class A compost to enhance soil fertility,” said Jen Fretz, the City’s Civic Operations Director. “Throughout every area of our community, from flower beds to fields to restoration of project lands, the City will be experiencing the benefits of using this retail-grade compost.”

The Class A compost is produced at Arrow’s Ingerbelle facility, which composts biosolids and other feedstock to produce the compost. Class A compost is of such high quality that it meets the strict requirements of the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation and is permitted for retail distribution. The composting process destroys pathogens and weed seeds, reduces the bulk volume of organic materials, and creates an odour-free finished product that is used to enhance soil fertility, stability, and health. 

Composting biosolids to produce a soil product is a standard method that is practiced around the world and close to home. Compost was one of the technologies approved by Council for consideration in the City’s long-term biosolids management strategy, and it supports the goals identified for wastewater management outlined in the City's Sustainable Kamloops Plan. This solution addresses the historically stockpiled biosolids as well as the ongoing daily production of biosolids.
Similar to how the City uses compost generated at Cinnamon Ridge, the Class A compost from Ingerbelle is used in a variety of ways throughout the city—as a soil enhancement for flower beds, shrubs, and sports fields around the City and as reclamation material on a broad range of City-led and third-party projects such as the Kamloops Resource Recovery Centre, Riverside Park, and McArthur Island.
To learn more about compost at the City, visit, or read more about the City’s long-term biosolids management methodology and strategy at