Residents Urged to Prepare for Spring Freshet

Release date: 
April 24, 2020

Kamloops, BC – As spring freshet approaches and the threat of rising water is imminent, the City of Kamloops is reminding residents in low-lying areas or along bodies of water to proactively take measures to protect their properties.

The City has provided a stockpile of sand and sandbags at the following locations:

  • Barnhartvale Community Hall - 7390 Barnhartvale Road (for Campbell Creek residents only) 
  • BC Wildlife Park - 9077 Dallas Drive (for Campbell Creek residents only)
  • Fire Station No. 1 - 1205  Summit Drive
  • Fire Station No. 2 - 1578 Tranquille Road
  • Fire Station No. 3 - 1625 Valleyview Drive
  • Fire Station No. 4 - 615 Porterfield Road
  • Fire Station No. 5 - Heffley Creek Road
  • Fire Station No. 6 - 5300 Dallas Drive

More locations may be added in the coming weeks, if deemed necessary. For maps of sandbag locations and proper techniques for filling sandbags and creating sandbag dikes, visit Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, residents should bring their own shovels and abide by physical distancing guidelines while filling sandbags. If the sand needs to be replenished, call 250-828-3461.

Residents who work alongside waterways, culverts, and riverbanks are asked to stay as far back from the banks as possible and to use extreme caution. Banks may be unstable as high-flowing water can cause erosion under the visible surface.

The City will continue to update residents on flood protection efforts as conditions change. Concerned residents should call 250-828-3461 or visit for more information.