Replacement Lights at Tournament Capital Centre Add Value, Save Money

Release date: 
October 17, 2019

A recent upgrade in lighting at the Tournament Capital Centre means an improved experience for athletes and facility patrons and a reduction in energy use. Over the summer, the City completed work to replace original metal-halide fixtures inside the TCC Fieldhouse with state-of-the-art LED fixtures, which are expected to provide energy savings and annual costs savings of $55,500.

Because of the estimated 694,000 Kwh reduction in energy costs by switching to LED lighting, the City also qualified for a one-time BC Hydro PowerSmart rebate of $121,000, which has helped to cover approximately one-third of the overall project value of $310,000.

Additional upgrades are scheduled over the next two months to incorporate automated dimming controls during daylight hours.

“The TCC Fieldhouse is our largest and busiest public recreation facility, and this lighting upgrade will help us reduce our energy footprint for many years thanks to support from the BC Hydro PowerSmart program,” said Jeff Putnam, the City’s Parks and Civic Facilities Manager.