Reopening of the Kamloops Museum & Archives

Release date: 
June 18, 2020

Opening Date: 9:30am; Tuesday, June 23, 2020 

The Kamloops Museum & Archives (KMA) is pleased to announce that it will be reopening its doors to visitors beginning Tuesday, June 23, at 9:30 am, and resuming regular operating hours. The reopening will include a new exhibition that presents Royal Inland Hospital’s and Tranquille Sanatorium’s historical records. 

 In compliance with recommendations set out by the Government of Canada, the Province of BC, and the City of Kamloops, the KMA will operate under new protocols to protect all visitors and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. New protocols include reducing occupancy limits, changing Archives services, and changing programs.

 In its initial phase of reopening, the KMA will allow a maximum of 15 visitors at any one time to enable adequate physical distancing. While reservations will not be accepted, visitors may call in advance for information to reduce the possibly of wait times at the door.

 Several exhibition spaces within the Museum have been reconfigured or made temporarily inaccessible. At this time, all hands-on interactive elements have been removed from the Children’s Museum. Instead, young visitors will be invited to take part in a scavenger hunt to explore new artifacts placed in that gallery.

 The Archives will require all research inquiries to be made in advance, and access to research materials will be by appointment only. Limits to advance reservations and access to research materials will be subject to the Archivist’s discretion. Research appointments will not exceed 45 minutes in duration and will be limited to one researcher or a family group of no more than two individuals. 

 Visitors should also expect modifications to, reductions in, or cancellations of KMA programs. Hands-on group activities are not permitted under current COVID-19 safety guidelines. Where possible, programs will be adapted or will migrate to digital formats with appropriate changes to cost.

 Finally, while routine cleaning procedures have been implemented, visitors are encouraged to arrive prepared, bring personal protective equipment if needed, and where possible, avoid using the KMA’s public washrooms. 

 Despite the array of provisional measures in place to protect visitors, the KMA encourages visitors to be vigilant in avoiding touching any surfaces. KMA staff want to continue offering a fun, inspiring atmosphere for visitors to share in the creation and understanding of Kamloops’ heritage.

 For details or information on KMA hours, location, or services, visit