Recycle BC Launches New Pilot Program for Flexible Plastic Packaging

Release date: 
June 11, 2018

The City of Kamloops is pleased to see a new pilot program launched by Recycle BC for one of the fastest growing types of packaging called Other Flexible Plastic Packaging.

As of June 1, residents can take flexible plastic packaging to either of the General Grant's Recycle Depot locations. Accepted materials now include crinkly-type bags (e.g. chip bags and granola bar wrappers), stand up pouches (e.g. baby food and zipper-lock food pouches), and net bags (e.g. fruit packaging). A full list of accepted materials can be viewed at

Materials in this category can be mixed together, but must be separate from other recycling streams, such as glass, plastic overwrap, and bags.

The expansion of the program means that almost all packaging material can be recycled.

These materials are ONLY accepted at the depots listed above and not in recycling carts or bins.

Is it still unclear about what goes where? Search any item in the City’s Waste Wise app to learn how to properly dispose of it. Get the app at