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Pet Cremation Services No Longer Available Through the City

Release Date

Kamloops, BC—As of September 20, 2023, the City of Kamloops will no longer offer pet cremation services. Community Services will accept small animals until September 20.

The City has offered animal cremation since 1986. The equipment has received regular maintenance over the years; however, it has outlived its life expectancy by more than two decades. With obsolete electrical components, a highly inefficient combustion process, and a high cost to retrofit components to restore full function, it is not economically feasible or safe to continue to operate the equipment.

The decision to end this service does not come lightly as the City has helped many residents over the years with their pets’ final journeys and has relationships with the Kamloops BCSPCA and veterinarian offices throughout the region.

Residents who have lost a beloved pet are encouraged to connect with their local vet for cremation options.